The Fulbright

A Portfolio of Scholarship and Teaching

There is a reason people say a Fulbright is a life-changing experience. It gifts scholars the heady combination of academic freedom, financial support, world vistas, and lifelong connections with colleagues and friends. It is a study in what it means to be a grantee–to be granted the chance to fulfill one’s wildest academic dreams against the backdrop of personal desires to live fully and see the world.

Guest Lectures and Conference Presentations

My Fulbright work took me across Europe, virtually and physically, to share new scholarship with audiences ranging from established and senior scholars to young students. Below is a list of guest lectures and conference presentations given during my time as a Fulbright scholar. “Imagining Other Worlds: Narrative as Protest,” Invited Lecture at University of Graz…

Manuscript Project: Imagining Other Worlds: Utopia as Protest

This project offers a new definition of American protest literature, exploring texts that imagine alternative pasts and futures in order to achieve, inspire, or theorize collective action in print. These other worlds, whether revisions of the past, interventions in the present, or visions of the future, posit new realities based in egalitarianism, accountability, and sustainability,…

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