I am an Assistant Professor of English at Clayton State University where I teach American literature and composition. This year I am the Fulbright-Botstiber scholar at the University of Graz, Austria.

My research specialty is in American literature, particularly women’s studies and African American literature. My dissertation, Boycott: Literary Interventions in the American Marketplace, 1820-1880 (recipient of Wilbur Owen Sypherd Prize), traces the role of literature in shaping, spreading, and sustaining 19th-century consumer resistance movements. Think: anti-slavery boycotts, temperance and anti-alcohol movements, and thrift culture. What I enjoy about studying this subject is that it helps us to see how literature was used as a tool to work through anxieties about a growing market economy. Often, authors helped readers to understand the ethical implications of the things with which they surrounded themselves, which in turn helped define attitudes toward commodity culture — attitudes we still carry today.

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As an educator, I work with students in interdisciplinary subjects, including American literature, American studies, women’s studies, and composition. For a better idea of my work as an educator, head over to Teaching.

Areas of interest:

19thC, 18thC, American Literature, Women’s Studies, African American Literature, Print Culture, Material Culture, Periodical Studies, Social Justice, Protest Literature and Culture, Environmental Humanities, Rhetoric and Composition